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So as you know, October marks so many things I love. First of all, my birthday is on the way, Fall comes into swing and Samhain is coming! I know you don’t need reminding from me about any of this as i’m sure many of you are already looking forward to the day.

My first day of work will come today (by the time this is posted, I will be there) and i hope that this blog can get into full swing.

Upcoming is my “Internet Mythology” series where I will delve into some of the “boogie-men of the internet”. Though not truly a pagan series I think it could be a fun bit of posts for the season.

That’s already i need to say….

Now with all that being said, how many of us as starting out solitaries were unsure of how to pronounce Samhain? It took a song about the holiday season for it to get in my head that i was an idiot. good thing i was solitary or that could have been really really embarrassing. Actually i can apply this story to every other Sabbat other then Yule and Beltane….

Anyway, Trial and error.


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With the blog relaunch, I am relaunching my old craft series. Here is an updated versions of the introduction post to the series. I hope everyone really likes it.


Some of us are unemployed, some of us live at home or in a tiny, little dorm room. Some of us are not completely out of the broom closet. We are the people who have sat online looking at catalogs, wanting to buy a really nice alter cloth or chalice when we can’t even afford the shipping.

The most important thing to remember, the tools you use do not have the power. All of it comes from within you. The tools are just an extension of yourself, to get your mind into the mind set of creating magic, doing a ritual or worship. You don’t need a $200 athame to cast a circle when your body can do it for you.

With that being said, sometime we just want to have that altar. Sadly something’s just cost too much. This is the start of a small series of posts I will do about how to make the alter on a budget. I call it Dixie Cup Pagans, meaning that we use what we can find, be it fancy, expensive or not (like substituting a paper cup for a Chalice. This series will great for the beginners and even journals my own experiences in this area.

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Hey there Pagan Internet

I am officially re-launching the blog today. Over the past year since I created this blog, I have gone though some changes; my god and goddess have revealed themselves to me, I found a wonderful coven where I feel at home and graduated from college.

Sadly, my pagan blog sort of went bland. I think where I fell down is that I had a jumbled idea of what I wanted the blog to be. I tried to be informative with my Dixie Cup Pagan entries. I tried to take stances on issues facing the pagan community but I never really got to them on time. There are much better blogs that do such a better job then I could ever do as a pagan activist, fighting for equality in the religious scene.

What am I really good at? Writing stupid and sometimes witty things.

So I did create a personal blog to keep some of my personal and non pagan things out of this blog (I will not link it here) What I am all about is the internet. I as a citizen of the internet nation speak in memes and am very connected to the inner workings of the culture as a whole.

So that is what this will be. many more that I think that someone teen-age and though college age may relate to. This will Kaida’s journal will continue being a pagan/wiccan/polytheistic blog but I will no longer try to be something I’m not by imitating other blogs. I may get outraged at something and news and post it here and I may post some how-to’s. You may see a rage comic, advice animal, or just a bunch of YouTube links with minor commentary. Most of all I’m just going to be myself.

Thanks for reading


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