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The Rake

In late 2005, The Rake formed in a thread in the /b/ board of 4chan. “hey /b/ lets make a new monster” An Anonymous poster stated. The thread looded with ideas that later shaped and became the Rake.

In July 2006, blog post by Something Awful user Brian Somerville gave an account of the Rake that would serve as the background of the Rake. The story includes several accounts of the creature, some historical and one very moving story of a wife fearing for her life after the rake took her child and husband. All other reference of the rake would forever be based in this piece of internet literature.

The rake is described as a naked man, or large hairless dog of some sort that crawls around on all fores and moves in an unnatural way, as if it had been hit by a car or something. It tends to whisper to it’s victims, possible with a form of telepathy. Sometime depicted as a mindless violent beast, other times it seems to be more calculating as it tortures its victims by it’s presence.

I’ll let the sorce material speak for it’s self. Here is MrCreepyPasta’s retelling of the Rake

The rake has made apearances in EverymanHybrid, a fiction web series in the episode “Cops checked no body” “-.-.” and “Jim Thorpe” The rake has racked up a respectable body count.


Now where the entire things takes a turn for the strange.

This image showed up on the news and sent in anonymously. Some claim it to be a photoshop hoax, some say it looks like something from the game resistance 3. Though a google search i can see there are a few eyes missing for that to be the case. Maybe the internet got it right and Rake is really out there? Most likely though just a really good Trollololol. Anyway, it’s a good entry into Internet Mythology.

Sweet dreams tonight.




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Halloween/Samhain has always been my favorite time of the year. I’ve always been a fan of scary stories and movies. So for the month of October I will be embarking on a series of blog posts I call “Internet Mythology” in which I will showcase form on the web’s most interesting boogieman.  Today I start off with Jeff the Killer.

Though I think most of the source material of the origin of Jeff the Killer is a poorly written piece of teenager fiction, I must say that the face of Jeff into Internet mythology.

The image of a man with large shadowed eyes and wide smiling mouth is most often accompanied by the words “Go to Sleep” Though the words are a reference out of his origin story, I always equate this to a long night of browsing the internet to stumble on this image and two thought come to mind. One is that it’s late and i should go to bed, but some where in the back of my mind the second thought says that is just what this smiling face wants me to do.

Jeffs back story and appearance may have been inspired by the Joker of the Batman comic books according to TVtropes.com.  A chemical alteration caused his face to be bleached white with his own hideous reflection breaking his sanity. Though Self inflicted, his mouth is carved open into what is called a “Glasgow Grin”.  The back story of the Joker is never completely spelled out and in many ways left a mystery; as the Comic book villain would say, “If your going to have a past, It might as well be multiple choice.”

Enjoy a some wonderful reading of the first Jeff the Killer story from my favorite Youtube ‘Pasta reader MrCreepypasta. You don’t have to look at the image if you don’t really want to but his voice makes the bad writing  bearable. Even with the plot holes…



Creepypasta Wiki

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Want some more fun videos to love the Japanese more?

Water Fountain Clock in Osaka Station:

This commercial for Ultra book

This collection of commercials. I died laughing

The coolest commercial for an anti software i have ever seen.

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Japan has all kinds of crazy  legends but none I find as adorable as the Tanuki. If you don’t know (or have seen studio Ghibli’s “Pom Poko”) A Tanuki is a type of racoons dog creature found in the forests of Japan.

The Tanuki are often depicted with large testicles. That’s right. Testicles. Sometimes they sling them over their shoulders like travelers do with packs or use them as drums. Remember that episode of South Park where Stan’s dad have himself testicular cancer so he could get medicinal marijuana and grew his balls really big by put them in the microwave? Yeah think that on a racoons. Let me remind you that the Japanese feature the Tanuki in cartoons for children.

Other then the huge balls, the Tanuki has a very distinctive look They are often depicted wearing a hat to be ready to protect against trouble or bad weather, big eyes, a big tail, big bellies and a friendly smile. They are said to be mischievous and have the power to change their appearance by placing a leave on their head.

Statues can be seen out side of restaurants and homes. Yes, because I know that when I come home from a hard bay of school and find myself hating life and everyone in it, As I turn my key in the door, I wanted to be greeted by this face…



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Well in Japan anyway.

Yes. Its Golden Week. For those who don’t know. Golden Week is the end of April/early May where a lot of holidays in Japan tend to clump together.  It is the busiest time for leisure activities, festivals and movies and most people take time off or companies close down altogether for the holiday. I like to take the time to watch anime in honer of the week. This year is special to me because I now honor a Japanese deity along with my Celtic God and Goddess.

So I’d like to post a little of my favorite things about Japan for the next few days. Stay tuned for more.

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