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Ha! I just saw the posting of the Tumblr and I’m not sure who posted it but I must say that I giggled like a little girl. You made my day. I love the ones that you made. Also, thanks for linking back to me. Much love!



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She is that girl who you roll your eyes at in the Wiccan forums and chat rooms. She is the girl you see in the new age section of the book stores. She took movies like The Craft way too seriously. Sometimes Teen Witch Wendys evolve and understand the pagan faiths are more than a fashion statement and truly dedicate their lives to it’s study. Others will grow out of it as a passing phase. Teen Witch Wendy’s are not bad. Just annoying.

Note: this is NOT ALL TEENS. Not everyone who come to Wicca/paganism are like this and I don’t mean to offend. Just I think we all know who this is…. And maybe some of us were once just like her.

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I could not resist making this meme. the “What people think I do” meme has come about this week to a lot of love and a lot of hate. I thought I’d be the first to make one from a pagan/wiccan perspective… but then I found others who had already done them and posted them to their blogs…

The point it, I think its ok to laugh at ourselves.

(click image to get full view)

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