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Want some more fun videos to love the Japanese more?

Water Fountain Clock in Osaka Station:

This commercial for Ultra book

This collection of commercials. I died laughing

The coolest commercial for an anti software i have ever seen.


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Here are a list of some of my favorite music from Japan.

World Order

Genki Sudo s a former Japanese K1 fighter that, after retiring became a singer, dancer and actor in Japanese dramas. He performs in World Order and his music videos are quite cool. The music is so beautiful and the way they move in these videos blow my mind. Take the time to watch these, they will really supprise you.

The Yoshida Brothers

Ryōichirō Yoshida and Ken’ichi Yoshida are Japanese musicians who utilize the traditional Japanese music style with with Western and other regional musical influences. In addition to playing the shamisen (a type of traditional Japanese guitar or banjo), they also use modern instruments such as drums and synthesizers. You might recognize their music from the 2006 Nintendo Wii commercials. I use their music in some of my meditations and as background music during spell work. Here is a small collection of their music. I encourage everyone to listen.

Other songs I like

AKB 48 – Tear Suprise

Mucc -Yasashii Uta

Perfume- Spring of Life


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Japan has all kinds of crazy  legends but none I find as adorable as the Tanuki. If you don’t know (or have seen studio Ghibli’s “Pom Poko”) A Tanuki is a type of racoons dog creature found in the forests of Japan.

The Tanuki are often depicted with large testicles. That’s right. Testicles. Sometimes they sling them over their shoulders like travelers do with packs or use them as drums. Remember that episode of South Park where Stan’s dad have himself testicular cancer so he could get medicinal marijuana and grew his balls really big by put them in the microwave? Yeah think that on a racoons. Let me remind you that the Japanese feature the Tanuki in cartoons for children.

Other then the huge balls, the Tanuki has a very distinctive look They are often depicted wearing a hat to be ready to protect against trouble or bad weather, big eyes, a big tail, big bellies and a friendly smile. They are said to be mischievous and have the power to change their appearance by placing a leave on their head.

Statues can be seen out side of restaurants and homes. Yes, because I know that when I come home from a hard bay of school and find myself hating life and everyone in it, As I turn my key in the door, I wanted to be greeted by this face…



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Well in Japan anyway.

Yes. Its Golden Week. For those who don’t know. Golden Week is the end of April/early May where a lot of holidays in Japan tend to clump together.  It is the busiest time for leisure activities, festivals and movies and most people take time off or companies close down altogether for the holiday. I like to take the time to watch anime in honer of the week. This year is special to me because I now honor a Japanese deity along with my Celtic God and Goddess.

So I’d like to post a little of my favorite things about Japan for the next few days. Stay tuned for more.

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