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So as you know, October marks so many things I love. First of all, my birthday is on the way, Fall comes into swing and Samhain is coming! I know you don’t need reminding from me about any of this as i’m sure many of you are already looking forward to the day.

My first day of work will come today (by the time this is posted, I will be there) and i hope that this blog can get into full swing.

Upcoming is my “Internet Mythology” series where I will delve into some of the “boogie-men of the internet”. Though not truly a pagan series I think it could be a fun bit of posts for the season.

That’s already i need to say….

Now with all that being said, how many of us as starting out solitaries were unsure of how to pronounce Samhain? It took a song about the holiday season for it to get in my head that i was an idiot. good thing i was solitary or that could have been really really embarrassing. Actually i can apply this story to every other Sabbat other then Yule and Beltane….

Anyway, Trial and error.


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Kaida Here.

So I’m back. It’s been an insane couple of months. My life fell apart for a while due to work : some unfair treatment that almost got the U.S. Department of Labor involved. Long horrible story so don’t ask. I’m job hunting again  I’ve been wanting to bet back to this blog for some time to make some changes, write some posts and become a functioning member of the online pagan community. Be sure to check back in the next few weeks for new blog posts. I hope to have everything running smoothly in October with some new, fun and helpful topics.

I am also looking to see if there happens to be anyone out there that would like to contribute of Internet Witch with blog articles or just want to be “Sister sites” where we exchange links. It may be a fun.

Working out the kinks in my plan.


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Kaida life update

Let me let you in on a little secret. The past two weeks of posts have been some that i wrote weeks in advance. Right now i am spending week two with family. Though i keep up with looking at my blog readership on my nifty ipod touch app, i havent had the time to write or keep up with the blogs i follow. I dont know how long i will be here but as soon as i can im going to fix up and send out the awesome articals i have on deck as well as some new teen witch wendys
I love you all and im glad to see my readership is up.
Also im sory for any typos this is posted from my app and its hard to edit. I can see the moon from my window and it is still really full….

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