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Time again for the full Moon. As always, to celebrate, here is a video to ponder over. There is no sound. Have a great full moon everyone.


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It is just a beautiful thought. This is a powerful statement for anyone of any religion. Atheists can take it as a purpose of their existance, Christians can take it a conecivity to god. I as a pagan, I feel joy and comfort in the knowledge that i am part of the universe. In meditation i feel the heart beat of the earth and the energies about me. This, right here, is cosmic magic. Beautiful, complex yet simple.

Also, Neil deGrasse Tyson is the coollest man ever. if you don’t know who he is, look him up.

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So not sure if everyone out there has caught any of the outrage generated by the show GCB or “Good Christian Bitches” that airs on ABC. Many of the more conservative news outlets have called the show “demeaning toward Christianity”. You should know that I call it… a bit of nostalgia.

Growing up in a very tight-knit church environment and attending a christian school, I experienced some of this show first hand. The woman “villains” of the show with their Bible-based, insults and evil, quick wit brings back some bad memories but also brings back some strangely good ones. The lead woman, Amanda, returns to her home town after her cheating husband died in a fiery car crash to live with he mother and teenage kids. Now she Faces the girls whom she tormented in high school who are now the powerful mean girls and she the outcast. All in all a very interesting show full of fun little back stabbings and even some hilarious moments where their perfect Christan facades come crashing down in the public eye. Honestly, if this was written as a secular show with no bible verses or “Jesus saves” we would just be watching Desperate Housewives (with a little less murder). The Christan element of the show adds a flavor to the mix of the drama that I can sit back and laugh at.

I can see where conservatives may find this offensive. The Overly Christan characters are the “bad guys” of the show. Yet I see its something deeper. They use their religion as a weapon against the people they don’t like. Have you ever been told “I’m praying for you” but you know it was an underhanded spiteful comment filled with so much venom but to be polite all you can do is smile and thank them. It;s enough to make a person scream and I’m sort of glad to see it on TV. Some of the characters are both Christan and Texan stereotypes as well but I say its fun, its fresh and I like it.

Catch it on Hulu.com right now the first two episodes are up. The first episode wasn’t anything special. Though i had been interested to see it, I felt that much of it was forgetable.  Yet the 2nd episode, with Amanda now settled in, really brought out her character as a mother and reformed Queen bitch. On the strength on the 2nd episode alone, I thought i would post this little review

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Why in this week’s episode of Castle (season 4 episode18: a Dance with Death) Beckett, while discussing with Castle about his crazy off-the-wall theory about how their female suspect caused a train derailment, she said “With what? her crazy Wiccan powers?” To which Castle responds “Woah… that would be a good twist… but no…”

Did my favorite cop drama on TV just do that? Saying “crazy Wiccan powers” in reference to a characters that was in no way linked to the occult or so much as looked a little goth? Is calling someone Wiccan just one of those stock words that writers just throw in there?  I’m not sure if I should be offended or not. I think I should… maybe? I don’t know.

It just goes to show how very little people know about us and how lowly they think of us…

Hey Writers of Castle, big fan and big supporter of the show since the beginning. Love everything about it… just poor choice of words there bros. Come on…

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