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We live in a generation where if you don’t know something, just Google it. This works well for information like Lady Gaga’s birthday or movie showings, but when it comes to maters of a religion with no true, set doctrine or scriptural text, information found on the internet is not always reliable.

Here is a list of ways that I have used the internet to my advantage during my long, long years of study with out any books or teachers.

1.Take notes! If you find a relevant piece of information copy and paste it into a word document as well as the html source of the info. That way when you find the same bit of information somewhere else you can compare it to see how it stands up and make informed decisions. This is also good for starting a book of shadows.

2. Read as many different sources as you can. When looking up a particular God or Goddess look at multiple sources and take notes on the information that tends to come up the most. it is most likely that there is some truth to these bits of information. Look for sites that have a high recognition. Also don’t be ashamed to look at Wikipedia. It can put things in perspective but not take everything as “gospel”. Remember to keep those notes of everything you find.

3. Look for feedback messages or comments. Sometimes thoughtful discussion can go on there where one reader may have found a factual error in the information. Sometimes the writer will weed out those that contradict what they said but for the most part, the pagan community is up for discussion and debate.

4. Look at forums. There are some crazies, uninformed and buckets of drama in forums but most likely some question you have may have been answered there for you already. Searching though old posts can be very helpful.

5. Do some shopping. One of the easiest ways to get your hand on a book is though the illegal downloading. I do not endorse this but I have used this as a tool. I find a book I’m interested it, look it up for download and skim though it to find out if the book is for me. Then if I want the book, I search it down on half.com, one of the best places on the web to get cheap hard copies of books. Its easier then finding a hard copy of a book like a library or a store copy.

6. Reviews Reviews Reviews. You want a book to buy? look up reviews. Always to see if the author is on the up and up. Look up multiple blogs to see if its a good good with good information. Chances are, there is a review somewhere.

7. RSS Feed connection are your friends. Every blog I can find that has a good bit of information, I subscribe to RSS feeds or follow on my WordPress feed. This is how I like to keep up on pagan community info and useful blog posts. Sometimes I find a post that I like but I have something to add to it that end up parking a new blog post.

I hope this helps you in your journey. Tanks for reading and please leave a comment. Love all of you.



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With the blog relaunch, I am relaunching my old craft series. Here is an updated versions of the introduction post to the series. I hope everyone really likes it.


Some of us are unemployed, some of us live at home or in a tiny, little dorm room. Some of us are not completely out of the broom closet. We are the people who have sat online looking at catalogs, wanting to buy a really nice alter cloth or chalice when we can’t even afford the shipping.

The most important thing to remember, the tools you use do not have the power. All of it comes from within you. The tools are just an extension of yourself, to get your mind into the mind set of creating magic, doing a ritual or worship. You don’t need a $200 athame to cast a circle when your body can do it for you.

With that being said, sometime we just want to have that altar. Sadly something’s just cost too much. This is the start of a small series of posts I will do about how to make the alter on a budget. I call it Dixie Cup Pagans, meaning that we use what we can find, be it fancy, expensive or not (like substituting a paper cup for a Chalice. This series will great for the beginners and even journals my own experiences in this area.

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Sometimes the spells you just do are the ones that turn out the best.

i had decided sometime in November I wanted to do a new moon meditation ritual. Like most  tentative plans, it fell through. it was only this march New moon that i even decided to to do something and the decision only came at 9pm as I waited for the bus home.

Once in my apartment I went to my altar and began looking around. I found my large pentacle i got at Yule that i had not properly used, I gathered my god and goddess candle. I thought I should have another candle for the particular ritual and found a black votive i had from a Halloween sale. It was such a nice night and I wanted to do something special so I went out site on the porch and set some of it up.

On a last moment whim, I went back inside for my chalice cup and offering bowl. But what to offer? The typical bread and whine combo is over done. Also I have neither of those things. I decided on some rice would be appropriate as that is about 25% of my diet. I had no wine or grape juice to fill my cup. In the same way I put out some rice as my favorite food, I thought, maybe i should put something out there that I like. During most days I drink only water, coffee when I’m cleaning and doing homework and Pepsi when I’m feeling fun.  I didn’t feel like making a pot of coffee for just this nor did I have any Pepsi and giving tap water seemed a little cheep.  So then i dug out the cake flavored vodka. it was left over from my drunken St. Patrick day, it had cost a lot and brought me much happiness (and my first real hang over).

I know that for the most part every book and teacher of the craft says that you should plan out your rituals in advance and at least know that your doing… but when I sat down before my makeshift altar in the night I felt like I was doing everything right. I used the candle in a bit of spell work and I felt the power around me. After the rite I left my offering and the candle burning outside. The night and day was so still with such little wind, i found the candle burning at noon the next day.

My off the cuff spell felt more real to me then anything I’ve ever planned out. I think that’s the real joy of magical work, finding what works for you and what speaks the loudest.

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