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So as a past  post may have given you the heads up, my life recently turned upside down. Here is a small list of things going on in my life recently

Got a new job. For a while it was over 40 ours a week at minimum wage. It was hard for me to adjust to that due to my extremely sedentary lifestyle before hand. Things have now settled down into the part time schedule I need and alls good now.

The school I was attending has failed me. They are unable to give me classes. I am officially dropping out of that school and planning to write a very nasty letter to the dean about it.

My roommate and best friend of all my life graduated and moved out. I miss her already and it hasn’t even been that long.

We found two roommates (a couple) to take over her part of the rent and essentially lowering what we have to pay. They lived on our couch for three months until the room was open and as of yesterday they were able to move into the bedroom… Also yesterday when they told us that they will need to move out. The one has a problem in her family that is calling her home and to drop out of school. The other doesn’t want to do a long distance relationship so  is going along with her. (I have a lot to say on this and how stupid and immature they are being but I’ll let it go because it’s just too long to explain and it doesn’t really matter) This leaves us with our share of the rent going up drastically. We have July covered and august may be a problem but my mom said she will help us out…

Which leads me to the best part…

Good news, I’m engaged. Happened this past Saturday and I couldn’t be happier. My High Priestess offered to do a hand fasting (shes done quite a few) but that would not go over very well with the family so I’ll need to so something a little more Christian. But we may end up doing the hand fasting anyway for my coven family to attend. He’s cool with my religion and likes everyone in the group so that’s awesome.

So that’s Kaida’s life in a nutshell. Thought I’d tell you…


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